Michelee Cabot

Author, Adventurer & Pilot

sample 1DIn this colorful and remarkable book, written by a colorful and remarkable woman pilot, you’ll find the most enjoyable way to discover Australia – by flying a light airplane to its places of greatest interest while watching the exotic landscape unroll beneath you.  Vistas of giant paisley patterned earth, caused by underlying salt strata.  Stunning views of red landscapes, uplifted and contorted during the earth’s primordial boil.  The enormously long white beaches of Western Australia, lonesome and edged by brilliant aquas.  And the Indian Ocean to the south, marked by hundreds of miles of cliffs.  Whales breed there…You could get lucky.

You don’t have to be a pilot to enjoy this book.  The author wrote it it also for non-flyers, in non-technical terms, to let you see amazing things that pilots experience from their very special perspective.  You’ll want to read it, re-read it, and share it with your friends.

When a beautiful eighteen-year-old aviatrix discovers a crime from behind the counter of the pharmacy where she works to pay for her flying lessons, she crosses paths with a charming, but manipulative junkie. As his crime spree seeps outwards, she unwittingly stumbles into the dark world of addiction and unfettered rage. The effects ripple across the community, showing how violence changes the individuals of a community in search of justice and closure.

India, David, and the Devil is a tense psychological thriller lyrically told and grounded in the author’s personal experience. Told from two perspectives — one naïvely light, one sociopathically dark — this story will grab you and fling you along for the ride until you beg for a landing.