Michelee Cabot

Author, Adventurer & Pilot

cessna over desert“Michelee Cabot’s Fly Over Down Under, describing how she and husband Hal circumnavigated the entire continent of Australia, hit the interest jackpot. Michelee is a gifted writer. I vicariously enjoyed her adventure Down Under.  I learned a great deal about people, places, history, all the basic ingredients that comprise a typical travel book. What sets this one apart is a spritely sense of humor, her profound passion, and her knowledge about airplane piloting, a world I never experienced.”—Earle Winderman, PhD, Lincoln University,  Comparative Literature

Praise for Fly Over Down Under

“Michelee grew up an Air Force brat, living all over the world – Philippines, Japan, Europe, and numerous US bases.  It was perhaps only natural that she would someday embrace aviation and fall in love with the sky.  She writes with a breezy, casual style that encourages you to read the next chapter and the one after that, with engaging descriptions of the people and places that give Australia a certain mystical sense of adventure.”-Bill Cox, senior editor Plane&Pilot Magazine

“As one who has always wanted to see all of the various, and dramatically different, areas of Australia for many years, I was able to take such a trip while reading Michelee’s Fly Over Down Under. Plus in later years, after becoming a pilot, it made the book even more interesting due to just enough of the pilot’s jargon and experiences while on this ‘flying trip’ to make the reading experience twice as delightful.

Never did the ‘read’ lag due to a good dose of humor mixed with an ever-changing view of Australia.”—Jim Swickard, Owner of the Hacienda de los Santos, in Álamos, Mexico, a five-star boutique hotel

“I very much enjoyed reading your book about flying all over Down Under. You have a very lively style that makes people, situations, and even landscapes come alive.”—Walter Hoebling, published poet, Professor, University of Graz, Austria

Fly Over Down Under is a truly modern-day adventure that most of us will never experience. Michelee Cabot tells the tale of their trip with a great sense of humor, an astounding vocabulary, and with a wonderful study of the history of each aspect of their air-minded route. Very enjoyable and enlightening.”—Willis Allen, President Allen Airways Flying Museum and Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages, Inc., San Diego