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Born a Texan to a career Air Force officer and very Southern mother, Michelee spent her impressionable early years all around the world, on a path that brought her to a first marriage at twenty-one. Two children later, with useful time served volunteering at hospitals and museums, she found her way to her first flight lesson. Flying can be liberating… In the ensuing nearly fifty years, besides becoming a C.A.S.A. volunteer, she found her excellent new husband Hal, became a restaurant reviewer, managed a flight school office and logged more than 5,000 hours of flight time, including these in Australia. She holds a commercial license (both single engine land and glider) with instrument rating, and a tow pilot endorsement, and has been active in several aviation organizations, including the volunteer Airlifeline (now Angel Flight).

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Dust Devils, Cozy Corners & Javelinas:

A Newcomer’s Tale of Tucson

Tucson, the beautiful city spread across the United States southwest plains, still charms us. Tonight we’ll bend our elbows with friends and wrap ourselves in their smiles and hospitality. Because no matter how splendid your surroundings, you need the warmth of your tribe to keep you going.

The adventure continues. Welcome to Tucson!

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DUST DEVILS, WHIRLWINDS, WILLY-WILLIES (But not “willywaws” – those are something else.) The world-wide plains of our continents are full of them, those mysterious rising ropes of writhing dirt. Even the oceans have them, where they’re called water spouts. Skinniest...

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VENDORS The day begins to simmer hot and dry; the dogs loll in the shade near the fountain. Birds flit around it, using it for a quick fluttering bath and a sip. They’re ignored by the dogs, who don’t even flick an ear at them. The dogs do react to the circling...