The artsy world of eating drifts continuously through culinary phases – nouvelle cuisine, mexican fusion, asian fusian, classic french… And so on. And even the dearly-beloved American burger (with cheese) has not escaped unnoticed. Here I’ve named and pictured two of the most mouth-watering creations in the USA. Move out of the way Mickey D, you too In-and-out. This place is for those who dream of, lust for, the best of the best of the best.

Please check my Magnificent Hamburgers post  – and comment with your own suggestions? 

Sadly, a masterpiece has vanished with the closing of Phoenix’s Fez Bistro.  A tragedy, for the addicted.  Its complicated, many-faceted sauce was a resistance-melting aphrodisiac, soaked into its homemade sourdough.  RIP Fez Burger.  But Phoenix seems to be a champion among champions for towering mouth-watering burgers.  Google them before you hit the city – you’ll find a panoply of choices.

Sorry Australia.  I cannot be tactful…. I cannot recommend the sliced raw beetroot and slaw-laden McDonald’s burger.  What on earth were they thinking?