Sweet Tucson Moments

One of our favorite places for fun and excitement is El Rillito racetrack. Horse races are known for whoop-em-up thrills, but sweet moments of kindness? Let me tell you. I have dumped vanity for a helping hand. In the push and swirl of the horse folk mob – some stomping to the corral to glimpse favorites, some fighting for passage to a betting booth, more bunched up in lines for the outdoor stairway to the overview, I had to find my way inside – and then what?

I spied a dark, tough-looking teen and leaned to him – “how do I get upstairs?” The strapping kid beamed, took my arm, and with an “I’ll show you!” escorted me along my way. So much for millennials with lousy manners. I’ll take one like this any day.

Once settled into my spot, I hailed a table-server I’d seen before – memorable for her flashy outfits and big lashes, up there batting over her welcoming grin. She hustled over. Dang, she remembered me! How kind, how warm-fuzzy is that? She swung the menu to me, offering a beverage first, and swished off to get it.

Meantime, I cornered the trumpeter – he allowed me a picture – another bit of kindness, no?


– Michelee

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